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Cruising Program Manager


Burton is an ASA Certified Instructor for Learn To Sail through Coastal Passage Making. Combining his passions as a Mariner and Educator, Burton has trained hundreds of sailors in his years at BSC, applying layered skill development, positive coaching and patience while exploring the New England Coast.

Burton holds a 100 Ton Captain License and is US Coast Guard certified to instruct new Captains with the Atlantic Captains Academy. Burton is the Lead Instructor for new captains with Boston Harbor Cruises.

As a full-time, live aboard cruiser, Burton sailed thousands of singlehand miles, making landfall in 30 countries from Canada to South America. For many years, he lived in the British Virgin Islands, working as a Captain and Master SCUBA Instructor and maintains a BVI permit for occasional sail and dive work with various BVI fleets.

Burton is also Manager of the BSC East Boston Boat Yard, directing the fleet rehab team. But it's not unusual to see Burton in full SCUBA gear doing underwater repairs at the docks and moorings. He also holds a professional membership with the American Boating and Yachting Council (ABYC).

Besides sailing, Burton plays multiple musical instruments, enjoys design and sculpture, is an FAA licensed Private Pilot and advocates the philosophy of "life-long learning".

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