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Seminars and Workshops

Are you looking to add to your repertoire of knots or learn how to trouble shoot an engine? Continue your sailing education with our Seminars and Workshops.


Women's Racing Clinic - Sunday, June 4, 2017 10:30 AM- 3 PM

The focus will be on boat handling and basic racing skills, including starts, sail shape, balance, and tactics. A review of racing rules will be included as well. 

$60 per boat (up to three spots) or $25 for an individual. 

Student Member Coaching

For those who have recently completed the Learn to Sail course we offer informal coaching to help transition to sailing on your own. Just about every other Friday from 5-8pm, we will pair up interested student-members in teams of three and send them out to sail in the inner harbor. There will be an instructor coaching from one of the motor boats. There is no cost for this program - it is a benefit made available to our Student Members (this means you must activate your student membership in order to participate). See the calendar for the schedule and call the office to sign up.