Coastal Passage Making June 2010

The 2010 spring Coastal Passage Making course had two boats, Melissa and Invictus, with two instructors and nine students. The forecast of squalls, calms, and fog followed by a stiff cold front on Sunday proved accurate. The answer was a classic cruise through Buzzards Bay and the Elizabeth Islands to Menemsha, on the Vineyard.

oil tanks in fog
Todd Rodgers
Fog from Thursday night persisted in to Friday morning as we headed through the Canal.
skillet in rigging
Geoff Rand
Fog had made the entrance to the Cape Cod Canal unusually blind on Thursday. Invictus deployed this Model 180 RadarSkillet. The Model 180 improves on the orthogonal geometry of conventional radar reflectors with its innovative circular design and state of the art teflon coating. Mounting handles included.
foghorn and napping sailor
Todd Rodgers
In conjunction with the RadarSkillet, we used the orally actuated Phantom Duck foghorn to warn away traffic outside the Canal. This rare photograph captured by Todd Rodgers is the only known image of the Phantom Duck in his working habitat.
foghorn and duck decoy
Geoff Rand
Now retired, the so-called "Duck of Death" relaxes at home with his wife of 37 years.
sailboat anchoring
Geoff Rand
For lunch on Friday we anchored off the Weepecket Islands in Buzzards Bay. Here the crew on Melissa weighs anchor under sail.
swimmer and sailboat
Geoff Rand
Even in early June, the water off the Weepecket Islands was warm enough for a swim.
sailboat crew hiking to leeward
Geoff Rand
Melissa in light air between the Weepekets and Naushon Island..
sailboat close hauled in Quicks Hole
Geoff Rand
The breeze had freshend nicely by the time we tacked through Quicks Hole.
sailboat heeling
Geoff Rand
Melissa coming out of a tack..
sailboat motoring past menemsha breakwater
Geoff Rand
Entering Menemsha harbor.
two sailboats rafted at the town dock in menemsha
Geoff Rand
Friday night we rafted the boats together at the town dock in Menemsha for steak tips on the grill and a buffet of elegant side dishes from both gallies.
dinner table
Richard Avelon
The menu included roasted potatoes, roasted squash, white beans with broccoli rabe, sauted zucchini and mixed salad.
people walking in front of fishing boats
Todd Rodgers
Saturday night in Fairhaven. After showers, the two crews headed out for dinner.
100 foot sailboat
Todd Rodgers
Our neighbor in the Fairhaven Shipyard.
sailboat plunging in waves
Geoff Rand
Leaving Fairhaven Sunday morning, the channel got a bit bumpy. Winds built to nearly 20 knots from the southwest, making for an exhilarating run to the Canal.
man at helm of sailboat
Geoff Rand
Winds shifted to the west behind a cold front around sunset giving us an overnight beat to Gloucester. In these conditions, it's definitely "One hand for the ship and one hand for yourself."
sailboat and eastern point light
Geoff Rand
Melissa passes Eastern Point Light in Gloucester, on her way back to Boston Monday morning.
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