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  • 2022 Winter Courses


    This course presents all of the fundamental skills of navigation, with emphasis on techniques useful to cruising sailors. 6-Week online classroom only course starting January 18 or March 1, 2022 from 6-8pm. No prerequisites. 

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The office is open remotely 10am-5pm Monday through Friday. We will be in the office on Thursdays. Please reach us by phone at 617-227-4198 or by email at

Macro Program Overview

If you're looking for a series of courses tailored to meet your specific sailing ambitions, the Boston Sailing Center offers a number of Macro Programs.

Whether you're looking to charter in the Caribbean and beyond, buy your first sailboat, or join the racing community, the Boston Sailing Center has the Macro Program to take you from beginner to success - all at a substantial savings.

Macros combine sequential courses and Student Memberships to give you the instruction and hands-on experience you'll need to achieve your goals. Students enrolled in Macro Programs have the full choice of course formats and start dates available to all students. However, only students in Macro Programs receive a FREE 45-Day Student Membership affording you the opportunity to practice what you've learned between courses of the Macro Program (refundable security deposit required; some restrictions apply).

Macro Coastal Passage Making

$4840 Includes Learn to Sail, Advanced, Cruising Course, and Coastal Passage Making 

Offers the thorough foundation of sailing and seamanship you need to confidently cruise or charter throughout the world.

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Macro Cruising

$3100 Includes Learn to Sail, Advanced, and Cruising Course

This is our comprehensive charter preparation curriculum. Each season, dozens of graduates go on to become cruising members at the BSC or to charter on their own in places like the Virgin Islands.

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Macro Mid-Range Cruising

$2010 Includes Learn to Sail, Advanced, and Night Sailing Courses

If you're planning on cruising local waters, or thinking of purchasing an outboard-powered cruising boat, this program is the perfect place to begin. 

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  • An ongoing, collaborative project developed by Boston Sailing Center staff and members. The most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date guide for sailors to the coast of Massachusetts. View the Boston Sailing Center Cruising Guide


  • It's easy to find sailing partners at the Boston Sailing Center. As a member, student member, or student you have several options.

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OUR [b]FLEET[/b]

Our 75+ boat fleet features boats from 23 to 40 feet and span 5 distinct membership categories.
Each boat is rigged for spinnaker and comes with all necessary equipment.

  1. [b]DAY[/b]SAILERS
  2. [b]MID[/b]-RANGE
  3. CRUISING [b]30[/b]
  4. CRUISING [b]35[/b]
  5. CRUISING [b]40[/b]



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