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Today's Conditions

Current Conditions and Forecasts

Check here for any weather related cancelations or advisories

The BSC on SailFlow

The best site for wind speed and direction at various stations in Boston Harbor and beyond. As a guest you can view current conditions at Logan Airport and the Boston Buoy. The SailFlow sensors will give you the current wind direction but not wind speed. 

With a Sailflow membership you see the current conditions at all the SailFlow sensors including the one at the Boston Sailing Center located on the riverboat. For a discount on a SailFlow membership go to

Reports current wind speed and direction at various stations. Click on a station to see a wind bar graph. Some stations require a membership.

Interactive Wunder Map 

Boston area radar

Boston Tide Predictions

Includes sunrise, sunset, and tides for every day of the year. The tides that we post on our weatherboard every day are from "Boston Light Boston Harbor"


NOAA - Coastal Marine Forecast for Southern New England

Scroll down for the Boston Harbor forecast. NOAA forecasts the wind direction and speed in knots, visibility, and wave heights. Also will issue small craft advisories, gale and storm warnings. NOAA also broadcasts the marine forecast on VHF Radio CH 3 (WX).

From the Weather Channel, has what you would expect from a TV forecast - the temperature and sun, clouds, or rain. These are items the Marine forecast doesn't emphasize. Accuweather and Weather Underground are similar sites.