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Frostbite Racing Wrap Up: 1/27/18

A weird, warm and windy day greeted our fleet on the last Saturday of January. The forecast of SW 10-15 with gusts to 35 was about right. The gusts were nasty so with reefed mains and small jibs the fleet gave it a go. One of the gusts broke the top of a mast and threatened to add to the pile of ripped mainsails, but one race did get off in mostly 10-15 knots on the usual race course starting just above the airport cove up to marks bear Green 13. Jonathan Austin won his first of two races on the day.

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  • Frostbite Wrap Up

    Weather permitting, we film all of our races. Not only is it a fun thing to watch at the post-race gathering, but it is a great tool for seeing how your crew work was at a mark rounding, or how you started with the rest of the fleet. Here are just a few races from recent years, but you can find even more on our YouTube channel.