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Frostbite Wrap Up: 12/1/18

The breeze in the morning was so non-existent that most of the racers sculled their boats from dock to mooring ball and waited, perhaps thinking the day would be cancelled. Oops, the breeze filled in from the Southeast at 5-8kts, meaning the first place to have wind was the race course.

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Frostbite Wrap Up: 2/17/18

A refreshing change in wind conditions; instead of the usual West wind, we had a seabreeze! NE was the forecast but the bright sunshine swung the wind nearly to SE with eight knots and perfectly flat water. For the second half high clouds moved across and thickened in advance of the quick hitting overnight snow. That caused the wind to back a few degrees to ESE and increase to thirteen knots. Windshifts were 10-15 degrees, not the usual 15-30 degrees normally seen downtown.

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Frostbite Wrap Up: 2/10/18

February 10 was the warmest day of the year so far with a nice breeze as well. Winds were SSW 6-12 with some early gusts to 15. Current was negligible.

With an incoming barge the first start was a practice start and like most practice starts, boats were way over early. Only a few minutes later for the real start of race one, a header hit the now more conservative fleet and most boats were late. Jim Petitpas on Tony would take the pin but it was Ika that took the lead and escaped all the first mark layline trouble. Some boats needed three tries to successfully round the mark.

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Frostbite Wrap Up: 2/3/18

With bright sunshine, 8-15 SW winds, flat water and good competition; it was a perfect day except for one thing, the temperature. Following a bitter cold Friday temps maxed out at 27 on Saturday but the wind was never quite enough to cause freezing on deck. As such spinnakers were flying for the first day this year. There was one other problem, three larges barges came through; the first nearly caused race one to start late, the second cut through the top of the windward leg in race one, and the third slowed to a crawl only to anchor right on the starting line causing a long delay. Still the target of five good races was met.

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  • Frostbite Wrap Up

    Weather permitting, we film all of our races. Not only is it a fun thing to watch at the post-race gathering, but it is a great tool for seeing how your crew work was at a mark rounding, or how you started with the rest of the fleet. Here are just a few races from recent years, but you can find even more on our YouTube channel.