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Frostbite Racing Recaps

Frostbite Wrap Up: 2/10/18

February 10 was the warmest day of the year so far with a nice breeze as well. Winds were SSW 6-12 with some early gusts to 15. Current was negligible.

With an incoming barge the first start was a practice start and like most practice starts, boats were way over early. Only a few minutes later for the real start of race one, a header hit the now more conservative fleet and most boats were late. Jim Petitpas on Tony would take the pin but it was Ika that took the lead and escaped all the first mark layline trouble. Some boats needed three tries to successfully round the mark.

At the start of race two Mike Cannon went for the pin start but in defending Petitpas’ attempt to hook, Cannon was late. The pin was favored all day but it was the mid-line start of Jonathan Austin that worked out best. Dave Bryan, sailing with a small jib instead of the popular genoa, rounded fifth up top, third at the bottom and knifed through the fleet on the second beat for first. The advantage DB enjoyed was not tipping too much in the gusts.

Petitpas and Cannon continued their pin battles in race three but only Cannon survived to win the shortened course race. A few boats didn’t see the “S” flag and thought it was a course W-L and missed the finish line on first try. Andrew Siergiewicz had the daily lead after two but insisted on late boat starts which was not only unfavored but the whole left side was better all day.

DaCapo wins race four with Jonathan Austin helming hitting all the big shifts which are more left than right. Mike Cannon is not far behind in second with his money on the pin end all day.

Aliza with Pete Balkus port-tacks the fleet! Bob Perry on Stiletto cannot quite get there to stop Aliza due to the lull at the start. Aliza leads for 7/8 of the race but Dave Bryan and team, following a usual conservative start knife through the fleet again for the win. They look unstoppable.

Aliza again takes a port-tack start at the pin for the early lead but Bob Perry goes further left for a breakaway bullet. DB is sixth at mark one, 4th at the gate, and 2nd by the finish to cap a big win for the day. John Power had been a factor every race early but, with only three crew, decided not to set spin until the last race, their best with a third. Aliza fell to fourth but enjoyed her best finishes in races where she took the start. Phoebe kept sailing with the small jib and admitted getting rolled once but otherwise was always in control. DB’s crew included Pauline Dowell from Sail Blind who could feel the heel and helped balance the boat.

They were always fast.

Why was left favored? I think because the port layline was further from land than the starboard layline. Also, new construction has many skyscrapers just above the right layline.

Lots of close-up video for the de-brief thanks to warm temps and crazy whaler driver Brad Churchill.