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Frostbite Racing Recaps

Frostbite Wrap Up: 2/17/18

A refreshing change in wind conditions; instead of the usual West wind, we had a seabreeze! NE was the forecast but the bright sunshine swung the wind nearly to SE with eight knots and perfectly flat water. For the second half high clouds moved across and thickened in advance of the quick hitting overnight snow. That caused the wind to back a few degrees to ESE and increase to thirteen knots. Windshifts were 10-15 degrees, not the usual 15-30 degrees normally seen downtown.

Race one saw Frank McNamara’s team on Blue-J return to start thinking they were over. That sent them on port against the grain and into the first shift. Jon Dexter on Kai won the start and lead for most of the race. Frank barely laid the first mark in a lift that caused others to overstand. Blue Jay made a good spin set and gybed to get away. That gybe to the left allowed them to own the left gate mark for third with the leaders rounding right. With a long course of Modified W2, Frank would catch little shifts, turn on the speed and win the race. Oddly, returning to start would be their best start as they had trouble all day making the pin.

Jon Dexter on Kai used the same formula, start near the pin and win the left to win race two. Ika with Matt Flynn would make a comeback to pass Dexter to win race three. At this point Dexter was sitting pretty with a 1-2-1 but John Power, subbing in for Fred Baker on Stiletto was not too far behind with a 5-2-4 and Flynn had a 4-6-1.

Race four saw a pile up on the pin leaving many caught in the peripheral damage. Jonathan Austin on Deke had a clean boat start and cruised right across to witness the aftermath from a comfortable first place position. Little mistakes started adding up for Austin who would have to settle for third as Flynn’s Ika made yet another comeback for the win, closing in on Dexter’s lead for the day. This was a short course due to a series of barges threatening the fleet.

The finale in freshening breeze with all crews hiking under genoa would be slightly shortened to the second run so boats could easily spinnaker in. Will Pelleteri’s team on Ra used the American flag spinnaker to breakaway to win the only downwind finish. JP took second to help recover as a casualty from the previous start. Team Petitpas took third, their best finish, and Dexter got 4th to hang on for the daily win. Matt Flynn was holed just before the start. The offending crew quickly switched boats so Flynn could still race in a kind act of sportsmanship but it was over a minute late allowing Flynn’s team to pass only one boat. Flynn received redress, an average of third, but still ends up nearly a point short of Dexter.

Other than the temperature maxing out in the mid-30’s, the conditions were perfect for racing today. Had this been summer, the harbor would have been overrun with other boats and wakes.